Our retired TT!!




Silgarhi Oriana (Ory)

HD-A-patella free - eyes clear

DNA tested clear for PLL-NCL Carr. for RCD4

d.o.b.: july 18-2008

Parents: Silgarhi Columbus x Silgarhi Amatang



Silveridge Wood Ibis (Blanche)

d.o.b.: march 28-2005

Parents: Dscho Utra Um Dze x Silverigde Mighty Minnow 



Sheydon's Tsepame Nam Dag

Date of birth; september 1st 2002



Ch.Sumanshu Bumo A Chaa La (Bumo)


VDH Ch. Skar-Mo 08'

NCL-DNA tested clear (USA)-PLL-DNA tested (UK) Carr.

HD-A Patella free,Eyes Clear april 2009

d.o.b.: July 19-2002

Parents: Silveridge Harlequin Quill x Ashantes Sister Christian 



Dscho Dscho Lamleh von Nama Schu

(Dscho Dscho)


d.o.b.: april 25-2005

Parents: Tschumar Lamleh von Nama Schu x Pemba Lamleh von Nama Schu


Dscho-Dscho is living with Marc and Patricia in St. Willebrord